Life is full of great surprises and, photography is one of them! Photos were always a presence in my life, something I loved to see and take. And one day, in 2013, I decided to follow this passion in a professional way. It gave me the opportunity to play, to meet new people on the street, to discover new places, new angles, to see nature with different eyes, to capture life and to translate them to valuable memories. I am grateful that I can share all of these aspects with people around the world. With the encouragement and support of On SPOT founders, Fred Fogherty and Mirela Momanu, I discovered street photography. The portrait I took won First Prize in 2014 during international festival “Bucharest Photo Week”- Street Portraits Workshop. From that moment on, I am actively participating in national and international photo exhibitions focused on street photography, nature & photo-views of Bucharest. And the story will continue with new photo-memories.

"The smile that you bestow, will return to you."

Thank you and smile!

ADA, Photo-teller

I invite you to discover my soul photo-stories.